Dallas WingTsun™

Three Parts of Class

1) Forms

“Forms” teach the fundamentals and basic movements which are used in combinations for self-defense purposes. In WingTsun™, forms provide targeted muscle relaxation, meditation and flexibility.

2) Chi Sao (sticking hands)

WingTsun™ is the only martial art that features the unique exercise of tactile reflexes which are determined by the sense of touch. Chi Sao defense reflexes are elicited in a very immediate and mechanical way by the attack of the opponent. Thus they are always exactly tailored and appropriate to the situation. Chi Sao reflexes are far quicker than reacting to visual input and they also allow for the WT-fighter to defend him/herself blindly. Chi Sao is the glue that integrates a number of single movements into coherent combinations that are not preconceived yet proof to meet the needs of the given situation. Without Chi Sao WingTsun™ would only consist of an accumulation of single technical bits or dead movement-patterns. This makes Chi Sao is the very soul of WingTsun™!

3) Lat Sao (sparring exercises)

The goal of WingTsun™ is to develop fighting ability . In Lat Sao ( which means “free style fight” ) the WT-student learns to fearlessly confront a one-on-one fight. He can check on the level of his work without fear of injuring his partner which makes Lat Sao a most significant and motivating part of WT.