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Articles Written By: Sifu Jason

The Humanist Academy “Little Warriors”


Its a privilege to guide these young warriors into self-aware and productive individuals.  Thank you T.H.A. in Irving, Texas for the honor this school year.

Grandmaster Leung Ting Seminar in Texas 2017

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Si-kung Leung Ting (grandstudent of the Late Great Grandmaster Ip Man) visited my Sifu and his direct student, Master William Parker’s wing tsun academy in San Antonio, Texas last week. It was an awesome experience to learn wing tsun directly from the source and we are trully a lucky group!

Visit from The Dallas Chinese Newspaper

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Thank you Ms. Helen Wang for reporting on our kwoon.  We are very excited to read your article.

Promotion 2017

darka 2017darka tech


Congratulations to Darka for graduating her 1st Level Technician Test.  Now the fun really begins!



Hong Kong 2017


Sifu Jason traveled to Hong Kong July 2017 – what a great experience!

International Youth Fellowship Demo

Recently Sifu Jason Bolanz, (Dallas, Texas) was asked to instruct a (3) day wing tsun kung fu workshop for the Good News Corps and International Youth Fellowship, a Christian-based, global youth organization active in almost 80 countries. Many national government representatives, including those of Paraguay, Peru, Malaysia, Kenya, South Korea and Rwanda were in attendance.
Sifu Jason conducted the Leung Ting WingTsun®” Kung Fu workshop at the Hotel Intercontinental Dallas along-side other academy instructors such as the former chef for President George W. Bush, and the former Director of Photography – National Geographic, plus many many more.
Below are a few highlights from the event:

New Promotions (SAWT)

Read about recent promotions at San Antonio WingTsun™ Academy.